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A team of architects and engineers

We are a team of experienced architects and lighting engineers. We create not only functional  solutions, but also design spaces filled with the magic of light.

At LUG Light Factory, we believe that light is more than just a source of illumination. It is a tool that shapes our perception, influences our well-being and inspires our imagination. This is why every project we work on is not just an engineering challenge, but also a work of art. Our story, wealth of experience and knowledge allow us to boldly look to a future full of bright colors of perfect light!

Our mission goes beyond the limitations of traditional lighting – it includes creating designs that transform spaces and enrich the lives of those who use them. Our goal is to fill spaces with the radiance of perfect light. Light is our passion, which is why we are not merely a team of experts, we are first and foremost architects of light who have a keen understanding of its impact on space, keeping in mind the rapidly changing design, trends, sustainability and needs of the business community.

In order to provide our partners with a comprehensive service, we focus on multi-disciplinarity. What does this mean? Our team consists of experts and engineers not only in the fields of architecture, but also in finance, project management and technical analysis. As a result, we approach every lighting project with a full spectrum of knowledge and understanding, and our solutions are comprehensive and tailored to each client’s individual needs.

When you rely on LUG, you are choosing innovative and sustainable lighting solutions that will not just meet, but exceed your expectations. For years we have been creating projects that change spaces and people’s lives, enhancing them with a luminous quality.

What sets us apart? Creativity and Knowledge, because every project is a new story and a new responsibility. As a result, we are constantly evolving and derive real joy from our work.

Get to know our work

Our Mission!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality lighting consulting services from concept to supervision of implementation, which respond to the needs of our clients. Our team, consists of experienced architects and engineers, creating unique designs that are the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and a sustainable approach to circular economy.  We offer  the highest level  of sophistication in our designs at the best value for money. We focus on building lasting relationships with architecture and engineering firms around the world. We focus on quality, project accountability and timeliness!






Comprehensive lighting design services.





Balanced Design

Any design environment, with particular emphasis on working in BIM.





Bespoke Design

Product solutions and tailor-madedesigns for individual client needs





Cost analysis

Professional cost analysis to achieve the optimal solution and balance between the expected results and their implementation and operating costs.






We are BIM and 3D

Working in a BIM environment. Revit input and output data. Design coordination, calculations and with consideration for potential risks. We work in a 3D environment with the most advanced renders for full visualization of the effects.





Technical knowledge

Every piece of work requires a solid technical foundation. We provide full technical expertise, execution documentation and installation instructions.

Our innovative solutions will give your project a new lighting quality, contributing to the success and attractiveness of your business space. Contact us and we will help you to create the perfect lighting for your needs and expectations.


For urban spaces
wszystko dla przestrzeni miejskich!