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Recruitment process
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Your move now! If you are interested in our job offer, don't hesitate! Send us your application today and look forward to hearing from us.
Let's talk about specifics! Communication is the key to success and we love to talk. A job interview doesn't have to be stressful, let's meet and talk. This is a key moment where both you and we get to know each other.
Our hiring process consists of three stages. There are two fixed-term contracts and a third for an indefinite period. All terms and conditions are clearly outlined with no hidden loopholes. We focus on trust and this is what sets us apart.
It's time for you to get to know the organisation. Don't be afraid, you won't be thrown in at the deep end. Induction training starts in the first week of the month and lasts, according to established rules, up to a maximum of 2 weeks. This is the time for you to get to know the organisation, products, services and structures of our company.
We believe that support in the first months of work helps you spread your wings, which is why after onboarding you will be given a mentor - someone from the department you will be working in, who will help you implement the specifics of your job, offer advice and experience! Feel looked after, you will be in good hands.


Before you start working, you will learn about our policies, products and organization. Introductory training starts in the first week of the month and runs consistently with the adopted rules for a maximum of 2 weeks. The focus of onboarding is prepared in accordance with the guidelines for your position and consists of 4 stages.


After completing the introductory training, the new employee is under the care of a Mentor, supporting the new employee in a continuous manner, tailored to the needs and possibilities during the mentoring period. It will help you get to know the company, people, processes and knowledge necessary to perform the tasks in the position.

Our benefits
  • Gym room

  • Personal trainer

  • Multisport

  • Chill room

  • Fresh fruit

  • Coffee & Tea

  • Cross booking

  • Foreign language lessons

  • Product Training

  • Internal & external training

  • The best work tools

  • Modern space

  • Parking for cars and bicycles

  • Christmas gifts

  • Competitions for children

  • Active integration

  • Sweet Fat Thursday

  • Studies

  • Holidays

  • Christmas

  • Glasses

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Send us your CV so that we can learn more about your skills, professional experience and expectations. It is important for us to have a full picture of your potential, which will allow us to make a better match a possible future job offer depending on your qualifications.


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