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Commercial lighting

is a key element of any business space, having a significant impact on the atmosphere, productivity and overall aesthetics of a space. In today’s fast-paced business environment, proper lighting not only serves a practical function, but is also an important part of a company’s marketing and image strategy.

LUG means:

Innovative technologies: We offer state-of-the-art solutions based on the latest lighting technologies that are not just energy-efficient, but also provide intense and long-lasting light.

Tailor-made solutions: We realize that each company has its own unique needs. That’s why we offer customized lighting solutions that take into account the specifics of the facility, the type of business and the customer’s aesthetic preferences.

Energy efficiency: Our solutions are optimized for energy efficiency, which not only contributes to reducing operating costs, but also fits in with environmental concerns.

Aesthetics and design: We believe that commercial lighting should not just serve a practical function, but also bring an aesthetic element to a business space. That’s why we offer products with a modern design that blends seamlessly with a variety of design styles.


Find out how we do it

For many years, we have been providing our customers with high-quality lighting products, control systems and services that allow them to enjoy light of the highest quality. At LUG, we know that the private sector represents unlimited possibilities and ideas for market, technology and service development. As a manufacturer of lighting solutions, we perfectly understand the needs of our partners. Our offer, experience and knowledge are the perfect answer to these needs.

Every day, we take care of the technicalities of projects and lighting products, keeping in mind the requirements and expectations set by our partners in the private sector. Our flexible and comprehensive approach allows us to create dedicated solutions that are one hundred per cent tailored to the concept and the investment.  We focus on relationships and the highest quality of service, helped by the range of services provided by our dedicated staff.






Each investment, is a separate, unique story, so we do not rely on ready-made solutions! We create them for you. Our product is the combination of your idea and our quality. Responding to your needs, we will customize every element of the luminaire or develop a completely new one, especially for your investment.





Project Management

LUG stands for world-class communication, knowledge and service. Our Project Managers will provide you with a comprehensive background of services that will enable you to complete any task.






Our 3D visualizations are created by specialists with the help of professional programs, so that you can see your ideas and expectations in a photorealistic way with attention to the smallest details.





BIM Support

In our industry, technology and multidimensional digital visualizations are of paramount importance. We offer our partners BIM object support: detailing, revisions and two-way communication for projects done with modern techniques.





and energy audit

Our experts will check the installed capacity and types of luminaires in your facility to fully optimize their energy efficiency and functionality.





Control systems

Optimizing light consumption through a modern control system is an important step towards growth and savings. Our systems are an efficient use of daylight, room function and occupancy frequency

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