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LUG luminaires already at the stage of their design are created with specific application areas in mind. Their design as well as technical and photometric parameters are matched to each other in order to meet all the standards of the project and get the maximum quality of illumination.




LUG at events and trade shows in the first half of 2023.

In the year 2023, we had the extraordinary pleasure of participating in many prestigious events throughout Europe. Our passion for discovering new trends and expanding our horizons led us to attend trade shows in various cities. With almost 35 years of experience, we were able to share our knowledge and innovative achievements with other business leaders and lighting enthusiasts. One of the highlights of our journey was attending the largest German-speaking lighting conference, held in Salzburg. This magical place gave us the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with industry leaders from both academic and commercial environments. The electro-installation trade fair in Tallinn, Estonia was also an inspiring event that allowed us to establish valuable business contacts and showcase our innovative solutions.


Strategic Perspective 2023-2026

Discover us from a new perspective!


We are honored to announce that our company has officially become a member of the TALQ Consortium!


We will illuminate Warsaw. Again!

With great pride, we announce the signing of a contract for the modernization of lighting in Warsaw - this time, you will see 2,000 municipal streets of the Polish capital in a new light. The contract signed today marks the beginning of the second phase of a comprehensive investment that we have been implementing in Warsaw since 2020.


Conference: Strategic Perspective for 2023-2026.

Step into the world of innovative light with us to see how we create a sustainable environment for living and development through light for a better tomorrow.


LUG will carry out a major project in the Netherlands

LUG will carry out a major project in the Netherlands The contract to supply 12,500 luminaires with the URBAN control system is ours!

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New Catalogue!

New Catalogue. We offer you the catalogue that is containing the fruits of our full passion working on lighting solutions, combining in itself the latest achievements of LED technology, smart design and the highest quality of implementation.