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Department of Public Projects.

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Public lighting is not just a functional element, but also a key component of the urban infrastructure, influencing safety, aesthetics and the overall quality of life of residents. For years, LUG has been providing excellent solutions and tailor-made luminaires to urban spaces. In today’s fast-paced times, properly designed and efficient public lighting systems play a key role in shaping public spaces. Our vast experience allows us to create safe, modern and, above all, energy-efficient solutions for cities.


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We offer innovative solutions based on the latest lighting technologies, such as energy-efficient LEDs. Our products not only reduce energy consumption, but also provide bright, even lighting.






management systems

Our systems are equipped with smart management technologies, enabling remote monitoring, adjustment of light intensity and rapid response to changing weather conditions or traffic.







We understand that every location has its own unique requirements. That’s why we offer tailored lighting solutions that take into account the specifics of the area, be it a public place, a park or a street.





Safety and sustainability

Our products are designed to keep residents safe, eliminate shadow areas and provide even lighting, while respecting sustainability and minimising environmental impact.





Energy efficiency

Our solutions are optimised for energy efficiency, reducing running costs and contributing to sustainable resource management.





Project Management

LUG stands for communication, knowledge and experience gained over 35 years on many challenging projects around the world. Our Project Managers provide a comprehensive range of services that will enable the completion of any task from the inventory, audit, conception stage, support at the tendering stage, cooperation at the installation stage and monitoring of the intended effect.

Your City.
Only the best solutions


Urban diversity presents us with challenges. Get to know the LUG family of park and city luminaires
that will allow you to illuminate even the most demanding spaces – from squares and alleys, streets, through campuses, promenades to playgrounds and entire parks. Urban diversity poses
challenges – concerning many aspects.

Traffic safety

The foundation of a proper lighting concept and design is the safety of all users of urban spaces: drivers, cyclists, pedestrians. This is why our work is based on lighting standards and an experienced team of professionals, giving us the confidence to choose the right lighting classes, design safe conflict situations and pedestrian crossings.


A good street lighting design is one in which the luminaires used are individually selected for the specific situation, ensuring optimum uniformity, and the solutions used eliminate unwanted glare. The right choice of colour temperature, lenses with a distribution that limits light penetration to residential windows, or the use of products with a design that matches the space and emphasises its character. All of this makes the night-time lighting of public spaces natural.

Low running costs

Modern LED street lighting reduces operating costs by at least 50%, while significantly improving quality. Thanks to professional lighting design and our unique optical solutions, energy consumption can be reduced by over 70% compared to the originally installed power. Additional savings are generated by the use of a lighting management system with flux reduction at night with reduced traffic or the use of tracking lighting. Low running costs are also ensured through high quality and long-life products, as well as future-proof solutions that enable the rapid replacement of electrical equipment both in the event of failure and after the introduction of even more efficient solutions. The control system also means an additional reduction in maintenance costs through the possibility of planned, targeted and even preventive measures.

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