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Our Technology

Urban is a management system, installed on servers in the internet cloud and operated via a web browser.

The task of the system is to manage the operation of the entire BIOTcloud environment, communicate and collect data from the controllers, process it, analyse it and take actions based on the implemented algorithms. The management system is also responsible for software updates and configuration of devices installed in the field.

The Smart City Urban system, designed and developed to monitor and manage infrastructure lighting and the sensors connected to it in a network with a MESH topology.

Main advantages of using a network in a MESH topology:


  • automatic reconfiguration of the network in the event of disturbances and damage to individual devices,
  • possibility of using advanced scenarios (e.g. tracking light),
  • no need to install a separate SIM card in each device.


Energy efficiency

  • Reduction in energy costs of up to 60%. If already in place, energy cost reduction of up to 80%.
  • Switching from conventional lighting to modern LUG LED luminaires will provide your city with up to 60% savings on energy bills.
  • Up to 20% additional savings.

  • With LUG Urban’s lighting management system, you will be able to further optimise your electricity costs. 

Smart control

  • Remote management allows you to easily control your lighting from anywhere.

  • Plan, monitor and adjust lighting parameters from your computer or smartphone.


  • Application installed in the internet cloud.

  • Two-step user authentication.

Easy installation

  • For the desktop application to work, you need constant internet access and a desktop or laptop computer For the mobile application to work, you need constant internet access, and a smartphone or tablet running: ANDROID, or IOS.

Monitoring and reporting

  • The system allows data to be collected on energy consumption, lighting parameters and other relevant information, allowing efficiency to be monitored and optimised.

Future of Street Lighting

At LUG, we believe that smart lighting is the key to the development of the cities and municipalities of the future. Our technology not only addresses the challenges of today, but also contributes to smart, sustainable and innovative communities.



Get to know the URBAN system

Why Us?

  • Innovative approach to street lighting control
  •  Advanced technology tailored to the needs of cities
  • Energy efficiency
  • Professionalism and industry experience – we design and manufacture lighting – no one knows how to control it optimally better than we do

Join our mission to create better, more energy-efficient and resident-friendly cities.

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