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What is ESCO?

ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a business model that enables companies and institutions to upgrade their lighting systems without the initial need for a large financial outlay. Instead, the project costs are covered by the energy savings achieved through modern lighting solutions. ESCOlight is a company of the LUG Group

Why Choose ESCO Financing?

No Initial Investment Costs


With the ESCO model, you do not have to bear the initial costs of purchasing and installing modern lighting. The entire project is financed by the energy savings generated by the new solutions.

Energy and Financial Savings


The high efficiency of LED  solutions improves the energy efficiency of illuminated investments, reducing energy costs and  carbon footprint.

Sustainable Development


By investing in energy efficiency, you are supporting sustainable development and taking care of the environment. Our projects reduce carbon emissions, contributing to green communities.

Monitoring and Analysis


Once your project is complete, we offer energy monitoring tools so you can track the savings achieved and the efficiency of your lighting system.

What is the process of working with ESCOlight?

LUG manages the process from client acquisition through project preparation with a bid for financing and implementation. The next steps include the full ESCO work and the identification of several key factors:

Energy Audit

We conduct a detailed audit, identifying areas of potential savings.

Design and Implementation

We develop a personalised lighting design and handle the installation of the new technology.


We cover the investment costs from the energy savings, eliminating the need for an initial financial contribution.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We provide efficiency monitoring tools and offer system maintenance services.

Why Us?

  • Experience in ESCO projects
  • Efficient and sustainable lighting solutions
    Individual approach to each client
    Professional team of engineers and energy experts

Join the companies and institutions that are already benefiting from our innovative ESCO projects.

LUG – your source for energy efficiency and sustainable lighting.