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Customized Lighting Projects

At LUG, we understand that every space is unique. That’s why we offer comprehensive lighting design services that are tailored to meet our customers’ individual needs. Whether you are a business owner, interior designer or facility manager, we will create a solution for you that perfectly matches the character and function of the location while complying with normative requirements.

A wealth of Personalization Options

LUG is where personalization matters. We offer a wide range of customization options, including not just different styles, but also technologies, colors and shapes. The main customization categories are:







Shapes and patterns

Customized shapes and patterns to match architectural and decorative styles.







Color palette

Matching colors to a customer’s existing room or brand color scheme.







Types of finishes

Matte, glossy, brushed – let us know what you need.







Light sources

High efficacy, color temperature, color rendering index – we will customize to specific market requirements or the nature of the space







Smart control

Implementation of control systems or sensors such as motion sensors, dusk sensors or light intensity control, remote control.








Redesigning the dimensions of the luminaire for a specific indoor or outdoor space. Ability to customize luminaire sizes according to the size of the room.







Adaptation of the luminaire to the changing needs of the space, with the possibility of adjusting the direction of light and fitting the luminaires for different installation types





Resistance to external factors

Adaptation of luminaires to weather conditions when they are intended for use in extremely demanding environments – waterfront spaces or high temperature applications






Additional certification

We are able to carry out an additional certification process to confirm the requirements of a particular market

New Generation Technology

Modularity is in our DNA. We design our solutions from the initial phase with a view to later adaptability to market requirements. We use the latest technologies in both software and firmware areas, which allows us to both anticipate and create products open to custom-ready variants from the very beginning.

Dedicated Project Team

Our custom department team consists of experienced designers, builders, engineers and lighting experts. We are ready to meet even the most demanding projects. See how we can support you, every step of the way, from concept to completion.

Completed projects

See our past projects that have contributed to the creation of unique spaces in various application segments

Discover the world of customised lighting

At LUG, we believe that light is not only a functional element,
but also a key factor transforming a space. Our company is not limited to a wide range of standard products.
We are a leader in the field of customised lighting individual needs of our customers.


Start your custom project

LUG specialists will help you choose the right luminaires and LED systems
We believe that the success of any endeavor begins with a solid foundation, and we are here to provide you not only with excellent solutions but also with comprehensive support from start to finish. Our team of experienced specialists is ready to serve you with full professionalism, assisting you in achieving your goals.
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