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Intuitive Control

Our systems allow you to easily control your lighting via smartphone, tablet or remote control. Gain complete control over the ambience in any room.


Adjustable Brightness and Automated Light Scenes

Adjust the brightness of the light according to changing conditions, creating the perfect lighting whether for relaxation, work or socialising. Create unique light scenes that correspond to different moments of the day. Experience the pleasure of a cosy evening or a vibrant morning.


Motion Sensors

Smart lighting reacts to your presence. The motion sensors we use ensure that the light only turns on when you need it, which contributes to energy savings.


Easy Integration

Our systems are compatible with many smart home platforms, enabling seamless integration with other devices and control systems.

Discover the advantages of our control systems!

Configurable lighting

Lighting can be reconfigured without changing the wiring: the function of each luminaire can be changed without changing the wiring.


Programmable lighting

The luminaires can be programmed according to your own needs: the lighting programme can be adapted to your own needs or requirements in a given space.

Different settings within one system:

Different settings are possible within one system: At least two lighting settings can be supported within the same system, which is particularly useful for large commercial buildings.

Simplicity of installation

Installation is simple and straightforward: thanks to the five-wire DALI system and the lack of additional control circuits. This also means that any installation or maintenance work can be carried out quickly with minimal downtime.

Accurate monitoring

Fast and accurate monitoring of ongoing situations is possible.  Because there is a two-way system between the control and each luminaire, you can quickly obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information. This means that you can monitor whether all the lights are working and whether there are other system problems, as well as checking the energy consumption of individual light points.

Why Us?

  • Ø Dedicated team of Control System Designers
  • Ø Innovative approach to lighting technology
  • Ø Individual approach to each client
  • Ø Experience in the design of lighting spaces