Architect: Oresti Sarafopoulos, OZ Architects
Photos: Nathalie Peters

"Hofplein 19 is what we call Rotterdam chic: straight up, a little rough around the edges and made of honest concrete. It’s also a massive building in every aspect. We’ve held onto its original grandeur and gave it a modern face. Reminiscent of yesterday, yet ready for tomorrow."

Oresti Sarafopoulos, OZ Architects

Designed for Shell in the 1960s the building at number 19 has dominated the face of Hofplein roundabout for more than 50 years. And now it’s being readied for modern business while staying true to its original industrial heritage. In 2017, the LUG luminaires liked to architects and lighting advisors. Then the project wandered around competitive companies until the design of Mock Up on Volica luminaires in January 2018. A milestone was the coordination of Lighting Advisor, Architect, General Contractor and Installer. In April 2017, the renovation was started, a year later LUG received an order for VOLICA, and in August 2018 the works were completed.

"The modernization of lighting on an existing investment primarily requires focusing on the current lighting standard. The norms are regularly updated and it is important for us to provide the right level of lighting based on the guidelines of the most current requirements. From the investor’s perspective, the most desirable effect is the replacement of existing luminaires one-to-one. It allows minimizing the costs associated with the direct execution of works on the object (modernization of electrical installations, replacement of ceiling panels, etc.). This is not always possible due to lighting requirements, so sometimes we suggest a client a completely new lighting project. Despite the fact that the new project takes more time, due to the analysis and selection of appropriate solutions, this approach not only guarantees compliance with standards but above all ensures a high level of visual comfort for users, which is one of the key factors affecting the well-being and efficiency of work."

Anton Kozhanov, Lighting Designer, LUG Light Factory