LUG Light Factory


05 Haziran 2020

We present a new product offer – a family of UV-C luminaires for excellent room sterilization results. PURELIGHT solutions use ultraviolet light to reduce health risks. Effective elimination of harmful microorganisms is so simple. All you have to do is to use light treatment function in the space to be sterilized. UV-C radiation is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting air and Surface (walls, countertops, objects, etc.) It is also able to reach various nooks, in the form of reflected rays, and eliminates up to 99,9% bacteria and viruses in the room. The proven effectiveness of the 253.7 nm wavelength allows for an effective disinfection effect. Luminaires PURELIGHT significantly increase the level of work safety not only in medical, but also in educational and public administration facilities. The new products are widely used in public transport, service companies and production.


When designing solutions based on the UV-C technology, we ensure the highest quality of our products. The effectiveness of UV-C technology requires precautions. We have prepared products that suport your dedication to provide such protection.

  • Hour meter - will indicate when the radiator should be replaced
  • Motion sensor - will disconnect the luminaire as soon as the room door opens
  • SMART control - convenient management of luminaires via a mobile application
  • Remote control - convenient luminaire control with no need to stay in sterilized space







We are an international capital group active in 70 countries around the world, which owes its 30 years of continuous development primarily to its ability to respond to emerging market needs. Based on the „know-how” we gained over decades, using the background of an experienced team of designers and engineers employed in production plants around Europe, we present a new product offer – a family of UV-C luminaires for excellent room sterilization results. The idea behind the creation of the new product group was to protect the health and safety of our employees, business partners and customers. Our specialists involved in the above project are ready to advise on the selection of the best and most optimal lighting solutions for each type of space requiring sterilization.