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Architectural models from LUG& Evermotion!

17 March 2015

In the scope of implementing the strategy of cooperation with architects and interior designers, LUG Light Factory further expanded its dedicated architect support programme.The first quarter of 2015 marks the beginning of LUG’s strategic cooperation with Evermotion, the world's leading portal offering a full range of tools for architects, designers and graphic artists.

The aim of the collaboration is to provide comprehensive support for architects and interior designers by supplying them with a set of architectural models. The result of LUG’s collaboration with Evermotion is a collection of 3D models, 2D blocks, visualizations of lighting fixtures in selected architectural spaces, product sheets and light distribution files of selected LUG products. The collection will be distributed worldwide by Evermotion to more than 400,000 subscribers and will be available free of charge on, and websites. Availability of a wide range of models will strengthen the position of FLASH DQ and LUG brands domestically and internationally. What is more, LUG will continue its cooperation with Evermotion what will result in further releases of dedicated tools for architects, interior and lighting designers.

LUG Light Factory’s cooperation with Evermotion focused on the FLASH DQ brand portfolio and selected products from the portfolio of LUG luminaires. FLASH DQ products combine exclusive design with innovative LED technology. These products meet the expectations of even the most demanding architects, interior and lighting designers who use light to create unique architectural spaces. FLASH DQ products are primarily dedicated for office buildings, hotels and commercial spaces in which luminaires are used to emphasize the unique character interiors. LUG brand luminaires selected for the joint programme with Evermotion combine modern design with high-performance lighting solutions using the latest LED technology. These products, thanks to their high quality are widely used for lighting prestigious objects all over the world.

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