LUG Light Factory

PURELIGHT LUG at the hospital in Nowa Sól

01 July 2020

PURELIGHT LUG luminaires for room sterilization increase the level of safety of employees and patients of the hospital in Nowa Sól Poland

This year we delivered 26 pcs. of PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID luminaires for room sterilization to Multi-Specialist Hospital SPZPZ in Nowa Sól. As many as 15 luminaires have been installed in the most sensitive area from the sanitary point of view, the Hospital Emergency Ward. The main initiator of the whole undertaking, Wadim Tyszkiewicz, currently acting as a Senator of the Republic of Poland (President of the city of Nowa Sól in the years 2002 - 2019) and representatives of the hospital and LUG Light Factory took part in the official meeting, during which the luminaires were delivered.

„During 30 years of the company's operation, we have illuminated many medical facilities both in Poland and abroad. One of such places is the multi-specialist SPZPZ Hospital in Nowa Sól, where so far LUG lighting solutions have found their application, among others, in the operating theatre. It is extremely pleasing that once again, this time with the use of UV-C technology, we can take care of the comfort and safety of the medical staff, as well as support the activities carried out for the health care of the patients using its services. This proves the trust we have been given and confirms the high quality of our products and services. I am convinced that solutions from the PURELIGHT LUG luminaire family will meet the expectations concerning the surface and air sterilization in medical facilities both in Nowa Sól and in other medical facilities around the world. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the results of laboratory tests, which we proudly present.”

– - comments Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of the LUG S.A. Management Board.

The PURELIGHT LUG family of luminaires uses ultraviolet light to reduce the risk to health, preventing the reproduction of dangerous microorganisms. UV-C radiation is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting air and surfaces (walls, tops, objects, etc.). It eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, or fungi in the room. The proven effectiveness of the 253.7 nm wavelength allows for a high disinfection effect. PURELIGHT luminaires can be successfully used not only in medical facilities but also in educational establishments, public administration, public transport, service companies, and manufacturing plants.

The dual-function UV-C lamp is a solution designed to sterilise rooms and surfaces. This specialist bacterio- and virucidal luminaire with a special light source has been designed for surface-mounting or mobile rack mounting. It emits UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. When the luminaire operates in in FLOW mode, the safe shielding of the emitted UV-C light provides sterilization in the presence of people inside the room. Additionally, equipped with an external radiator allows for surface sterilization in DIRECT mode after people and animals leave the room.