LUG Light Factory

“Solidarity for the climate”

18 January 2019

We fully support the Polish Progressive Cities initiative and their “Solidarity for the climate” declaration. We encourage you to read our President’s open letter on this matter.

Dear Sirs

I read the “Solidarity for the climate” declaration signed at the initiative of Polish Progressive Cities with great interest. I am happy that you recognize the need for undertaking a joint effort by both public and private sector institutions towards protecting our environment and limiting climate change. Setting precise, measurable goals and deadlines will surely increase the chance of your initiative’s success.

Due to the character of our business activity, I would like to refer particularly to the goal of going 100% LED and providing energy-efficient lighting for Polish cities by 2030. Using professional LED solutions for modernizing existing lighting infrastructure and carrying out new investments in this area is definitely one of the most effective ways of ensuring energy efficiency, long and faultless operation of lighting systems and, perhaps most importantly, increasing the safety and comfort of people using the spaces around us.

As a Polish manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have the necessary know-how and experience along with research and manufacturing capacities to offer our full support to the process of our cities going 100% LED. Our offer includes not only a portfolio of the highest-quality luminaires but also a wide range of professional project support services including support in obtaining investment financing. What is more, thanks to our ability in creating a synergy effect from combining LED and IoT technologies we can provide you with smart lighting and smart city solutions which allow for an even more effective management of the lighting infrastructure and various aspects of city life.

I invite you to a meeting in which we could discuss the ways in which we can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly development of Polish cities together.


Yours faithfully

Ryszard Wtorkowski


LUG S.A. Capita Group

“Solidarity for the climate”