LUG Light Factory

LUG hosts the first meeting as part of the second edition of the Lean Tour

07 May 2018

On April 13, 2018 representatives of the twelve leading companies from the southern part of the Lubuskie Voivodeship met at the company's headquarters as part of the second edition of the Lean Tour.
Lean Tour is a project run by Gorzów Technological Center and the West Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The idea of the project is to initiate cooperation of large enterprises operating in a certain area through joint learning and exchange of experience regarding management models, processes and organizational cultures prevailing in individual companies. As part of the project, company representatives visit each other in their headquarters and learn about the solutions used there.
The first stop in the series of planned meetings was our company.
- "It is very important that the large enterprises from the region, as the examples of experiences from abroad, integrate, share experiences and support each other's development. Until now, we did not have favorable conditions, which is why the initiative of the Western Chamber of Industry and the Gorzów Technological Center is very valuable. I am proud that the second edition of the Lean Tour has just started with us" – comments Ryszard Wtorkowski, the President of LUG.

During the visit, we presented guests the main headquarters of our company, we talked about the history of its creation, profile of activity and the strategy adopted for the coming years. We also drew attention to the fact that we are an organization that is dynamically developing, we are able to change and to communicate these changes to our environment. In recent years, we have been involved in an increasing number of projects improving the organization's operation in the long-term perspective, which in turn should lead to an increase in the company's performance and the satisfaction of its employees.

And so Damian Podluski, Production Director of LUGG Light Factory Ltd., commented on the changes that take place in our company as part of the LEAN@LUG:
"In order to improve the processes occurring in the company, we started to introduce a whole range of optimizations based on the Lean methodology. We started the changes from scratch by launching the KAIZEN program in August 2016. Its purpose is not only to reduce costs, but also to improve the efficiency and quality of work, as well as its ergonomics and safety, not forgetting about environmental protection. In the next step, we implemented the 5S program, ie broadly understood standardization. 5S is also focused on systematics and self-improvement. Thanks to this, we have definitely improved the productivity of work. In addition, we are carrying out various types of investment projects, including introducing automation, we have reorganized the halls to optimally use the space, improved the documentation and carried out organizational changes."

The operation of the LEAN @ LUG project in our company is illustrated briefly by the scheme below:


13 companies from our province were invited to the Lean Tour 2.0 project. Meetings will take place every month. The first meeting is behind us. We are very happy that our presentation has had such a positive impression among local entrepreneurs.
The next meeting will be in May at Victaulic Polska Sp. z o.o. in Drezdenko.