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LUG luminaires already at the stage of their design are created with specific application areas in mind. Their design as well as technical and photometric parameters are matched to each other in order to meet all the standards of the project and get the maximum quality of illumination.




LUG Light Factory is the Best Innovator in the Good Company program

As part of the Good Company program, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers selected the best companies from the Lubuskie Voivodeship, including LUG Light Factory


LUG Light Factory is a supporting member of the Polish Association of Private Hospitals (OSSP) and the Polish Hospital Federation (PFS)

Through its membership in the Polish Association of Private Hospitals (OSSP) and Polish Hospital Federation (PFS), LUG Light Factory wants to actively support the Polish health service, also in the area of counteracting the risks associated with SARS-COV19.


We support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

Next Sunday, volunteers of the Zielona Góra headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) in LUG protective masks will go to the streets to raise money for the wards of children's ENT, otolaryngology and head diagnostics.


LUG Light Factory is considering increasing involvement in Morocco

LUG Light Factory made a declaration of interest in direct investment in Morocco, which was received by Mr. Abderrahim Atmoun, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco.


Extension of LUG’s Research and Development Centre

LUG will carry out an investment in the extension of a production and warehouse hall with office and social facilities in the Research and Development Center in Nowy Kisielin near Zielona Góra.


LUG Signs an Agreement for the Replacement of Lighting in the Capital City

LUG Light Factory, a subsidiary of LUG S.A. has concluded an agreement with the Capital City of Warsaw, the subject of which is the supply of new LED luminaires for the Capital City.

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New Catalogue!

New Catalogue. We offer you the catalogue that is containing the fruits of our full passion working on lighting solutions, combining in itself the latest achievements of LED technology, smart design and the highest quality of implementation.