LUG Light Factory

Best Lighting Project 2017

09 January 2018

The Best Lighting Project Award for LUG!

The competition jury decided to award the projects carried out by LUG Light Factory for the use of the best lighting solutions, which perfectly harmonize with the adopted architectural concept. The award giving ceremony for this year’s competition will be held on 31st January 2018 during the Light 2018 trade fair in Warsaw.

Comarch Bulwary Szczecin

The Comarch Building in Łódź illuminated by LUG Light Factory was awarded with the best Lighting Project Award and the New Boulevards in Szczecin got the 1st prize in the Best Lighting Project Competition organised by the Polish Lighting Industry Association.


Comarch, Łódź

COMARCH is a manufacturer and supplier of modern IT systems with more than 23 years of experience. The construction of their new, prestigious office building in Lodz, Poland is one of the effects of the company’s dynamic development and growing needs for office space. High light parameters and innovative design of LUG luminaires show the modern character of the building, which consists of two parts: a new and revitalized red brick building. The illumination effect perfectly emphasizes the glass façade of the building. Thus, it perfectly fits in the concept of industrial Łódź combined with modern design.

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Boulevard, Szczecin

New Boulevards in Szczecin was made in the "design and build" system as a continuation of the existing investment. The lighting concept proposed by our company met not only the expectations of the architect, but also all technical and quality requirements. It allowed to maintain the unique character of this place. The luminaires UMBRELLA MAX R LED have been specially created for this project.

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