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The infrastructure luminaire TRAFFIK LED is the essence of energy efficiency and productivity of the LED technology. Innovative approach to design combined with LUG’s many years of experience have allowed to create a luminaire with optimal parameters that will let you enjoy immediate benefits of the intelligent LED technology.

Enjoy freedom! The -10° to +90° adjustable mounting handle will enable you to adjust the luminaire inclination angle both in replacing the existing illumination, and a new investment

Ensure safety! 6kV surge protection fitted as standard distinguishes the TRAFFIK LED luminaire, and warrants its safety (10kV available on request)

Be at ease! The internal system of passive cooling developed by LUG engineers warrants stability, efficiency, and long life of the luminaire

Use all possibilities! Applying ZHAGA standards and NEMA sockets will allow you to prepare for future SMART CITY challenges no matter which road you choose

Create quality! Multiple award-winning LUG pattern-designing is a guarantee of optimal combination of functional characteristics and modern universal design

14 dedicated optics

We fitted the TRAFFIK LED luminaire with 14 dedicated optics, which will allow you to illuminate any type of road more effectively and more precisely

O27 - for local roads O42 - for town roads
O28 - for express roads O43 - for residential area roads
O29 - for town roads O44L - for pedestrian crossings, left side traffic
O30 - for residential area roads O44P - for pedestrian crossings, right side traffic
O32 - for parks and parking lots O45 - for area lighting
O46 - for express roads O47 - for town and local roads
O41 - for local roads O48 - for wet surfaces

Easy connection, without the need to open the luminaire

TRAFFIK LED is equipped with a 60 cm long power cord, which is connect to the lighting pole cord using a connector (not included). Thanks to this, the installer doesn't have to worry about a leaky connection or a problem with the installation of cabling. This is beneficial both for modernizations and for new installations.

SMART-Ready Technology

The TRAFFIK LED luminaire is fitted with standard NEMA or ZHAGA connectors so your luminaire can be prepared for future SMART CITY challenges. In the future, you will install an external controller of intelligent illumination, IoT sensors (e.g. air quality sensors) or other devices without having to replace the entire lighting infrastructure. This pays off!

SMART Management

The luminaires are compatible with SMART control systems, which enables control of the lighting cycle, remote on/off switching, as well as generating automatic service notifications - which will significantly reduce the infrastructure maintenance costs and guarantee an uninterrupted sense of security.


Luminaire power

up to 69 W

Lifetime (L75)

100000 h

Lumen luminaire

up to 10150 lm

Water and dust protection

IP 66


up to 155 lm/W

Mechanical impact resistance

IK 08

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