SMART lighting

is the easiest way

to an intelligent city

New map of possibilities for your city!

Decisions on how our city will be shaped and in which direction it will develop are made today. If you are looking for the best solutions for your city and its residents - you have found a partner who has reliable knowledge and vision to support you in your journey.

The benefits of SMART lighting

Automatic notifications

Reporting of important service parameters in real time results in optimized maintenance, better planning, cost reduction and extended luminaire lifetime.

Power measurement

Precise energy measurements that can be transformed into detailed consumption and energy saving reports.

Accurate data in real time

Intelligent analytical tools for individual lighting points or whole groups, presented on displays. Heat maps and graphs will help you make better infrastructure decisions.

Remote control

Programmed cycles or real-time reactions to current conditions, enabling on/off switching or adjusting the intensity of lighting. Gain control over particular light points or entire clusters.

Additional environmental sensors

Hardware and software compatible with additional NEMA / ZHAGA devices allow for the modernization of lighting infrastructure.

Light intensity adjustment

Light that responds to environmental conditions and advanced real-time intensity regulation provide further savings.

How does SMART lighting work?


  • retrieving additional data
  • rule engine
  • integration with the Iot environment


  • two-way communication
  • command passing
  • reporting

Local luminaire group

  • self-organization
  • autoconfiguration
  • self repair





  • aggregated data analysis
  • luminaire groups control
  • rule engine


  • data storing and distribution


  • service notifications
  • energy reports
  • key network parameters monitoring

Reach up to 60% savings!

OpEx up to 80%

operational and electricity costs

CapEx up to 20%

capital costs

Thanks to modern LED lighting solutions, it is possible to reduce energy costs by half. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions and avoid costly servicing, which directly translates into lower operating costs of lighting infrastructure.

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