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About the luminaire

ATLANTYK 2.0 - designed for lighting of industrial facilities, warehouses, workshops and modern architectural rooms. The versatility of the product is reflected in the BASIC, OPTI and LOFT versions, which are characterized by a different design and various technical parameters. The ATLANTYK 2.0 product family is great for illuminating even the most demanding interior.

ATLANTYK 2.0 not only features high technical parameters, but also a unique design. Complementary versions: BASIC, OPTI and LOFT make it easier than ever to bring out the character of the space that you illuminate.

The highest optical parameters, combined with high impact resistance to ensure excellent light quality, even in the most difficult conditions.

Not only will you increase efficiency and safety, but you'll also generate significant operational savings.

The luminaire is designed for comfortable, single-person mounting. It allows you to quickly and conveniently mount the luminaire at high altitudes as well as in harsh environmental conditions.

A wide range of variants enables you to choose the best luminaire for your project.

The ATLANTYK 2.0 family of luminaires offers a variety of wiring and mounting options, which allows you to fit the best solution to the given project.


Adjust the luminaire to your needs

The ATLANTYK 2.0 Family

Connect the luminaires into lines

Maintain the uniform character of lighting in the room by combining the luminaires into a system. Thanks to through wiring there is no need to supply power to each luminaire separately, and a convenient Wieland plug will enable you to connect the luminaires quickly and safely.

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LUG Light Factory is a leading European manufacturer of lighting luminaries with over 29 years of experience. We specialize in architectural lighting design for indoor and outdoor illumination of public utility buildings as well as industrial and architectural objects.

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