Completing creativity

The moment a vision takes shape and light reveals its meaning determines the character of a space and defines it.
At LUG Light Factory, we support creators at every stage of the project by offering solutions that complement their creativity.

From its beginnings, LUG has based its activities on understanding customers' needs and providing solutions that meet their expectations. We treat each of our clients like a partner. This along with constant innovation and improvement of product quality, processes and service has allowed LUG Light Factory to become one of the leading global suppliers of lighting solutions.

The product suited to your needs

We offer fully configurable luminaires, thanks to which you can design your light without limitations, exactly as you want it!

the experience

Spaces inspire us. They make us feel good. At LUG, we believe in a creative approach to the design of a space. More than just the buildings themselves, the atmosphere created should reflect, support, and enhance its purpose. We'll share our experience so that you can realize your vision exactly as you plan.

on all project stages

Discover the full potential of LUG professional support, driven by experience and the latest technology. Financing investments, designing solutions, modern Smart City technology - at LUG we share our knowledge at every stage of the project, so that you get only the best solutions!

Your needs
come first!

We are pleased to present four lines of luminaires for architects, interior designers and city planners. ATLANTYK 2.0, AVENIDA, LUGTRACK EVO and NOISE luminaires are dedicated to professionals who co-create space on a daily basis. Learn the history of each one and find out how you can best utilize them for your project!

About LUG

LUG Light Factory is a leading European manufacturer of lighting luminaries with over 29 years of experience. We specialize in architectural lighting design for indoor and outdoor illumination of public utility buildings as well as industrial and architectural objects.

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