Welcome to the Knowledge Centre to read more about the reverse split of shares. You will find here both theoretical information supported with simple examples, all stages of the entire process, as well as a complete set of information on the reverse split of shares of LUG S.A.

The reverse split of shares is not a new procedure, but despite many cases of re-split in Poland and in the world, it is difficult to find comprehensive information in this regard. We would like to provide all the necessary data in our Knowledge Centre to our Shareholders and Investors interested in the operation of LUG S.A. We are also open to your suggestions and comments.


Theory in a nutshell:

  • Basic information

  • Stages of the reverse split process

 Case study - reverses stock split of LUG S.A.

  • Reverse split details

  • Legal basis

  • Reverse split shortages

  • Share capital structure

  • Reverse split schedule

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