LUG S.A. - aware of climate change

13 September 2019

The Reporting Standards Foundation, the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers and Bureau Veritas have conducted research on listed companies regarding their climate awareness and impact on the environment. The research was based on non-financial reports of listed companies. LUG S.A. Capital Group this year, for the first time  published a report on non-financial issues affecting business operations and qualified for the study, placing in the forefront and taking third place.

The organizers of the reasearch analyzed nearly 150 reports of listed companies obligated to report non-financial information. Analyzed data concerned the years 2017 and 2018. The content of the report was assessed in 10 categories. Key questions concerned reporting greenhouse gas emissions, companies' climate strategies and policies. The average result was 1.03 out of 10 possible points. Nearly half, as many as 66 out of 143 companies, did not score even a fraction of a point. The leader of the ranking achieved the result of 7.33 points. The LUG Group took the third place with a score of 5.67 points. Only 32 companies achieved more than 2 points, and only six companies obtained a minimum of 5 points.

- I have to admit that I was surprised by the results of the study. First of all, I did not expect that Polish entrepreneurs have so much to catch up in this matter. Secondly, I am pleased that reaching third position confirmes that as a company we are aware of our impact on the environment. This is consistent with our business model, because our innovative solutions in the field of professional lighting technology are energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we are currently focusing on the Smart City segment, offering lighting management systems that are nervous tissue for many other urban systems. Thanks to this, the energy saving of lighting itself also spreads to other segments of city management, giving the prospects of significant restrictions on energy consumption, reduction of pollution and increasing the quality of life of residents. Our goal is to show that care for the natural environment is inscribed in the company's DNA. I am glad that it was appreciated in a study conducted by independent and professional entities. - comments on the results of the study Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of the Management Board of the LUG S.A. Group

As emphasized by Piotr Biernacki, president of the board of the Reporting Standards Foundation, the study showed a low level of climate awareness of Polish enterprises, and above all the impact that given entities have on the environment.

Project initiators want to improve awareness of large and medium-sized enterprises about their impact on climate change and at the same time provide investors, clients and all other public stakeholders with reliable, measurable and comparable data to assess which enterprises are considering climate change issues in their management processes.

- We all still have a lot to do to reduce human impact on the environment and stop climate change. At LUG, we will also work on activities consistent with the idea of ​​sustainable development and building appropriate climate policy. The most important thing is not the position in the ranking, but sincere concern for the environment and work to reduce energy consumption and pollution. - adds Ryszard Wtorkowski.

The results of the first edition of the Climate Awareness Research of Companies were announced during a conference organized by the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers. The research methodology and results are available on the website of the Reporting Standards Foundation and the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers

LUG S.A. - aware of climate change