LUG S.A. in the second stage of Golden Website Contest XII

11 February 2019

The LUG Investor Relations Service has been qualified for the second stage of the next edition of the competition for the best website of listed companies - GOLDEN WEBSITE CONTEST XII in both categories. The organizer of the competition is the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers (SEG).

In the first stage of the Competition, a thorough evaluation of 166 websites of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange was made. This year, for the first time, listed companies competed in two classifications: "The best IR service" and "The leader of online communication".

In the second stage of the Competition, 3 nominees in both classifications will be selected for each category (18 companies in total). Selection will be made by a competition jury, made up of specialists in such areas as graphics, journalism, technology, economics and investor relations. Each jury member will evaluate the page within his / her specialty on a scale of 0 to 10 points.

In "The best IR service" ranking, 39 websites will be evaluated, while 36 websites will be checked in the "The leader of online communication" classification. The second stage will last until April 26, 2019.

The evaluation criteria applicable in the second stage:

"The best IR service" classification:

  • The correctness of the technologies used and the security of the website
  • Navigation and website mobility     
  • Website design/ look    
  • In-depth analysis of the website content

"The leader of online communication" classification:

  • Opinion of the institutional investor/ analyst     
  • Opinion of an individual investor    
  • Opinion of a journalist     
  • Telephone and e-mail communication with investors

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LUG S.A. in the second stage of Golden Website Contest XII