LUG Light Factory

For Contractors


LUG is not only a supplier of the highest quality lighting fixtures, but also a trusted and experienced partner for implementation of an investment.  The cooperation with us within the confines of our LUG SUPPORT programme means having access to the top quality consultants and analysts. The result of this partnership is a project which is exceptionally beneficial in terms of costs, duration and quality of the implementation.


  1. PROJECT ANALYSIS – identification of the contractor's needs and examining them for the most adapted solutions.
  2. OPTIMISATION GUIDELINES - presenting results of the analysis during an individual meeting with the contractor, with a particular consideration of  photometric measurements and proposed number and type of the fixtures.
  3. CONSULTATIONS WITH ARCHITECT - review of the project with a participation of the LUG’s architects, in order to ensure the highest possible functionality and aesthetics of the implemented investment.
  4. LUG DESIGN - a visual form of the design, along with models of the fixtures used and precise explanations, taking all applicable standards and specific features of a given investment into account.
  5. CUSTOM - customisation of the fixtures, i.e. adjusting their structure, materials and parameters to the requirements of the investment, as well as realisation of individual vision of the contractor, while keeping the best lighting parameters.
  6. EFFECT – saving time and money from the beginning of the investment and optimised costs of the whole project.


We design our fixtures to save time and work of electrical equipment installers from the very beginning of developing lighting systems in the investment. That’s why our solutions are easy, comfortable and quick to assembly by a single person.