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For Architects and Designers

Cooperation with LUG

Years of experience and cooperation with architects and interior designers have resulted in a dedicated strategy and a support programme for lighting projects. The aim of the Support Programme for Architects developed is a comprehensive cooperation of LUG consultants with architects and interior designers in the field of all architectural models, ready-made lighting solutions and advisory services in the area of ​​light illuminations. Ready tools and architectural models are available for download at LUG ArchiTools web site.

Support programme

For architects and lighting designers

  1. IDEA - Cooperation at the level of conceptual design (identification of the architect’s / designer’s needs considering technologies available), providing opportunity to use already existing solutions or develop new ones. 
  2. GUIDELINES - Specific issues relating to lighting designs are consulted during individual meetings with architects and designers, verifying proposals submitted.
  3. PROJECT LUG - Photo-realistic visualisations of architectural lighting, designs and simulations. Optimisation. Technical luminaries prepared for BREEAM or LEED certification.
  4. CUSTOM - Customisation or adjustment of fixtures to the needs of a particular investment, providing an opportunity to fully realise individual visions of an architect while maintaining the highest quality of lighting fixtures.
  5. EFECT - Time saving in the design phase, ROI analysis, cost and energy optimisation.

Over 40 designers


  • Documentation with illuminance simulation
  • Optymalisation in order to provide ergonomy and conformity with the standards
  • Layer with lighting ready to import to the project
  • Technical raports