LUG Light Factory

We will illuminate Warsaw. Again!

21 April 2023

With great pride, we announce the signing of a contract for the modernization of lighting in Warsaw - this time, you will see 2,000 municipal streets of the Polish capital in a new light. The contract signed today marks the beginning of the second phase of a comprehensive investment that we have been implementing in Warsaw since 2020. In total, we will produce and deliver nearly 80,000 dedicated SAVA infrastructure luminaires.

The estimated value of the contract signed today is PLN 39,440,000. It includes the production and delivery of 35,300 units of smart-ready infrastructure luminaires. The modernization work on all municipal roads in the city will last approximately 18 months. Thanks to the two projects carried out in collaboration with LUG Light Factory, by the end of 2024 and 2025, the capital of Poland will be almost entirely illuminated with LEDs, and the city's budget will save PLN 111.5 million annually after completing both phases of the investment. Together, we will significantly reduce the city's carbon footprint, improve the safety and comfort of all residents, providing high-quality lighting in line with the concept of placemaking.

Together, we are currently implementing the largest lighting investment in Europe.

The experience gained during the implementation of the first phase of the tender, as well as LUG's proven reliability and effectiveness, have confirmed our readiness to undertake the biggest challenges in the field of public lighting modernization in Europe and worldwide. We are proud to be able to jointly write such important urban stories with our partners, transforming the infrastructure ecosystem of our cities and preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Thank you for your trust!

We will illuminate Warsaw. Again!