LUG Light Factory

Conference: Strategic Perspective for 2023-2026.

29 March 2023

Step into the world of innovative light with us to see how we create a sustainable environment for living and development through light for a better tomorrow.

On March 29, 2023, a strategic conference took place, presenting a new strategy for the years 2023-2026. We presented our mission, goals, values, and for the first time, the premiere of our video "We are light" was revealed. We warmly encourage you to watch the entire conference to get to know us from a new perspective!

Since 1989, we have been continuously helping to save electricity and making our environment not only safer but also more enjoyable to live in. The new strategy brings new challenges for LUG. We are ready for what the future brings, with clearly defined goals that we are just beginning to implement. The new strategy marks a new era.

Register using the link below, and step by step, you will learn everything about our goals and values.