LUG Light Factory

LUG awarded for 30th anniversary

06 June 2019

The year 2019 is a special period of time for our company as the 30th anniversary of its existence. The more we are pleased to inform that the LUG S.A. Capital Group was appreciated by independent experts, receiving a distinction for 30th anniversary corresponding with the XXX anniversary of the beginning of the Polish transformation.

The jury awarded companies starting their business in a difficult time of transformation, starting without capital and business background or knowledge, which proved that within three decades it is possible to build company capable of competing with global giants, also on international markets.

The award given by the Editor-in-Chief of Rzeczpospolita, Mr. Bogusław Chrabota, was received by Mariusz Ejsmont, Vice-President of LUG. The companies such as Ziaja Ltd, Bank Millenium, Agora, Solar Company, Ochnik, Tarczyński, Wiśniowski were also honored.

LUG awarded for 30th anniversary