The strategy determines in which direction we are going and what we would like to achieve. It shows that we have a goal and a plan for its implementation. Having a strategy is an expression of responsibility for employees and business partners, a manifestation of the need for security, development and satisfaction. That is why we are responsible for planning where we want to be and where we are going, and in accordance with the principle of partnership, we invite everyone to this process. We are doing this innovatively based on the values we believe in together because we know that only this approach makes sense.

Mission and Vision are two attributes without which a strategy can not exist. Both terms are a summary of what we are aiming for and how we intend to implement it.
Vision, in an ambitious and motivating way, shows the goal in the long run.
Mission corresponds to our aspirations and desirable behavior patterns. It is a record of the ideal we should strive for. It allows us to answer the question: Is this how we work is consistent with this ideal.



As part of our strategic development goals for 2017 - 2021, three basic areas of our development have been determined: innovation, internationalization and organizational culture. The "driving force" for those areas is a human-oriented approach, both in relation to the inside of our organization as well as its environment.


In every aspect of the organization's functioning. Starting from the product portfolio, advanced lighting management systems, through technological innovation, to the focus on research and development, carried out in cooperation with research centres and young companies offering significant intellectual potential. During the implementation of the development goals set for 2017 - 2021, we are planning to carry out a number of R&D projects.


Based on the introduction of business models corresponding with the needs of individual markets and building local structures that will effectively cooperate with the local community of a given country and, consequently, allow us to grow dynamically. The areas of the LUG S.A. Capital Group’s attention throughout 2017 – 2021 will include the markets of South America.

Organizational culture

By focusing on the development of the organizational culture, we want to increase the comfort and satisfaction of our stakeholders, both those working in the structures of the organization and those being our customers and investors. The key element of the development in the area of organizational culture is managing by values, which aims at triggering the organization’s development potential.

One of the most important element of strategy development is proper definition of target groups, i.e. the entities to who we direct our marketing and sales activities. Focusing on the target group helps us to create the right offer and reach out the right people. Nowadays, i.e. in the age of the conscious consumer and customization, there are no longer products dedicated to everyone. We need to focus on a certain group and respond to its specific needs. Thanks to that kind of activity, the company has the opportunity to gain competitive advantage and further expansion.


Management by values is the foundation of the development strategy of LUG and direction of development of our organisational culture. In practice, it means that in day-to-day taking decisions we should be guided by the following business principles:


We started the process of defining the expectations of the owners and determining the needs of the company.

The internal workshops for LUG employees have helped to identify common values that are most important to all. These values play a key role in building a family brand.

Values define who we are and where we are going.

Staying true to values is the biggest strength of a family business, which is its competitive advantage.

Values result from what is equally important for the Founder's Family, as for all Employees of the organization.


We take responsibility for all of our choices, actions and words.


We derive joy from action, we care about comfort and satisfaction.


We are guided by understanding, willingness to cooperate and respect to all.


We go beyond schemes and we create new ideas in the area of products, technologies and management.


Every day we want to develop.

We believe that LUG employees engage in a variety of tasks tailored to their individual skills and interests. We believe they are part of our company because they feel good about it. The following teal rules follow the daily work, which is the highest level of organization management awareness:

Look for reasons

don't look for the guilty

Expect progress

don't expect perfection

Create conditions for cooperation

avoid competition

Appreciate, because it enhances

don't judge because it's destructive

Say what could be better

don't say what is wrong

Build on trust

Don't build on control

Don't say that someone is wrong

say how you feel about it

Create an environment for self-organization

don't manage

Be a teacher, moderator, mentor but never stop to be a student

don't be a supervisor

Here at LUG we're approaching the subject of light with a dose of individualism. On the other hand we remember our traditions and business principles, which are our signposts.

The principles gathered here are the core of who we are.

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